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Visa Extension Application Form for foreigners in HCMC

Foreigners residing in Vietnam who wish to extend their visas are required to fill out specific application forms, such as NA5, NA16, etc, depending on their individual circumstances. Below is an introduction to the Vietnam visa extension application forms for foreigners.

Compilation of Visa Extension Forms

NA5 Visa Extension Form

The NA5 Visa Extension Form is the most commonly used form when processing visa extension procedures. The official name of the NA5 form is “Application for Visa Issuance, Stay Extension.” This form is used to declare information in case a visa extension is needed.

The NA5 Temporary Residence Extension Form is only used for foreigners who are currently residing in Vietnam, have a visa that is close to expiring, and have a need to extend their visa. Note that:

  • In the case of personal sponsoring for visa extension, the NA5 form must also have confirmation stamp of the local police;
  • In the case of company/enterprise sponsoring, only have to declare information, sign, and stamp on the NA5 form.

The NA5 form is commonly used for all cases of visa extension – declaring necessary information related to the sponsoring entity (if any) and the information of the foreigner who wishes to continue staying in Vietnam with DN, DT, LD, TT visa types, etc.

Download NA5 Form

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NA16 Visa Extension Form

The NA16 form is a declaration form that introduces the seal and signature of the sponsoring entity. When a foreigner continues to work and wants to stay in Vietnam, they need to apply for a visa extension (temporary residence extension, including: passport, introduction letter, business registration certificate, work permit/certificate of exemption from work permit, temporary residence registration (online registration) along with the NA5 form and NA16 form.

Download NA16 form

Where to submit visa extension forms for foreigners

The authorized agency to receive and process visa extension forms for foreigners includes:

  • The Immigration Department of Vietnam in Hanoi (44-46 Tran Phu Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi);
  • The Immigration Department of Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City (337 Nguyen Trai Street, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City);
  • Provincial and city-level Immigration Departments in other localities.

How to fill out a visa extension form for foreign nationals

Detailed instructions to complete the visa extension forms for foreigners are as follows:

For the NA5 visa extension form, the following information must be provided:

  • Requester of the temporary residence extension: full name, gender, nationality, etc.;
  • Sponsor for the foreign national;
  • Request for visa issuance or extension.

For the NA16 form, please note the following two sections:

  • Introduce the seal samples: affix three stamps in three consecutive boxes;
  • Introduce the signature samples of the legal representative: sign three identical signatures in adjacent boxes.

If you need further assistance and advice on the Vietnamese visa extension form for foreign nationals, please feel free to call PNVT Hotline!

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